Financials 2024-2025

Here you will find the financial reports for the year 2024-2025. Click on a link to view the file. If you have questions about any of the reports, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Note: Document availability varies depending on the financial cycle.

  1. Receipts & Payments including Bank Reconciliation
  2. Budget Monitor report
  3. Budget Forecast
  4. Budget & Precept for next year
  5. Year End Cashbook and Bank Reconciliation
  6. Fixed Assets Schedule
  7. AGAR – Accounting Statement
  8. AGAR – Annual Governance Statement
  9. AGAR – Internal Audit Report
  10. AGAR – External Audit or Exemption Certificate
  11. AGAR – Notice of Public Rights and Publication of the AGAR reports

Here are some explanatory notes related to the above documents

  1. Cumulative report for each month from 1 April to current month through to 31 March. Read detailed notes about The Receipts & Payments report here.
  2. Quarterly summary of Receipts and Payments compared to the Annual Budget.
  3. This report is usually produced around November each year and is used to estimate the full year position i.e. takes the actual to date plus the estimates for the remaining months to the year end. This is then used to estimate the Budget for the next financial year and to calculate the Precept.
  4. This report is produced from the Budget Forecast (3) and also shows the effect on Council Tax band rates.
  5. As at 31 March. Only produced at Year End as monthly reconciliation is included with Receipts & Payment report (1).
  6. Shows a list of all the assets held by ASPC as at the end of the financial year. These figures are at cost value so no depreciation or realistic current valuation is shown.
  7. Shows a summary of the Receipts and Payments for the current year compared with the previous year.
  8. Shows that ASPC is using a sound set of processes for internal controls.
  9. Shows the summary of work carried out by the Internal Auditor and any commentary of findings.
  10. Exemption Certificate from the External Audit is for for small authorities with Receipts and/or Payments totalling less than £25,000 (Therefore require an Internal Audit only).
  11. Confirmation that AGAR information has been available to public.

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