Councillor Roles and Responsibilities

All Saints Parish Council has a councillor membership of 5 Councillors. The Council’s responsibilities extend to cover multiple areas that need focus in order to improve the overall development and improvement of the Parish.

These may be considered under the headings of:

Each Councillor heads up one or more of these areas so that there is a defined line of responsibility that is clear to the parishioners. In most circumstances, communications and questions will come through the Clerk and this will enable them to know the best course to take towards resolution.

The key responsibilities under each area are:


To work with the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) on the overall control of Council finances including the monthly income and expenditure overview.

To ensure that All Saints Parish Council Financial Regulations are legal, up to date and following NALC guidelines.

To present and suggest annual budget and precept needs to the council for approval.

To support the RFO with all financial and accounting needs of the Council.

To work with the RFO and auditors to ensure that the Council is operating in a lawful way.


To review all planning applications that are received by the Clerk.

To understand the planning and planning application processes and to steer the Council regarding how any application sits within these guidelines.

To make initial recommendation to the Council regarding all applications.

To liaise with the Clerk on responses to EDDC and to be available to any parishioner regarding their concerns and be able to guide them to the correct contact at EDDC if necessary.

To consider the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for All Saints Parish.


To oversee all the works associated with the external elements of the parish such as roads (Highways), signage, boundaries (eg, fences, hedges, etc).

To liaise with the Clerk to ensure all aspects of boundary management (e.g. hedge trimming, verges) are managed to ensure parishioners are safe within the parish.

To liaise with the Clerk in the engagement of third-party contractors performing tasks and services for the Council.

To work with the Clerk and develop a Health and Safety policy for the Council.


To promote and develop the Council’s “COMPAS” programme.

To work with the Council’s Webmaster to ensure the websites fulfil the needs of both the Council and the parishioners.

To ensure that all communications both internally and externally are in line with the COMPAS programme, the Purpose, Objectives and Principles of the Council.

To work with the Clerk to standardise all external communications.

To develop guidelines for communication from the Council to the Parish.


To develop and promote an environmental and sustainability policy for All Saints Parish Council.

To consider and develop, as necessary, an environmental or “Eco” group within the parish and to develop the necessary Terms of Reference.

To liaise with the Parish Tree Warden regarding the expansion of tree planting in the parish.

To develop an Environmental/Sustainability Policy for All Saints.


To ensure that all employees of the Council have up to date job descriptions and employment contracts.

To work with the Clerk to ensure that all third-party agencies employed are covered contractually and fully insured.

To ensure that the Employee Performance Management Policy is up to date with latest employment regulations.

Strategy Overview

To discuss and make recommendations on strategies, strategic projects and policies, in line with All Saints Parish Council’s adopted aims and objectives.

To ensure that all projects and actions of the Council are in line with the overall Council strategy.

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