N-E-W-S All points of the compass.

At the All Saints Parish Council meeting on the 9th of July 2024, the chair of the council, Steve Holt, gave an interesting presentation about a new set of guiding principles that the Parish Council has now formally adopted.

This set of principles will be known as the Communication Programme for All Saints or COMPAS for short.  COMPAS has an overarching purpose to

“Create a Parish where the community feels as one”.

This website has now had some subtle updates that are signposts to COMPAS.  One of the most obvious is a new About Us menu item.  Another is an update to the Councillors page.  This now has a new link for every councillor’s role within the council.  Click the link to understand the role.

And finally, the presentation that Steve gave is available from the top of the Policies menu.

So please take a look. We really DO welcome questions and feedback, good or bad – either through the clerk or to individual councillors. 

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