About Us

We are All Saints Parish Council and our primary purpose is to…

Our key objectives are to have:

  • Excellent resident engagement and communications
  • Strong environmental considerations
  • Effective use of resources
  • Rolling plans for a stable future
  • Effective links with Community organisations

To ensure all Councillors and Council actions are consistent, it’s important to have clear guidance regarding behaviours, decision making protocols and ways of working.  This will be through a core set of guiding principles.

All Saints Parish Council will endeavour to follow the principles of:

Community Focus

All Saints Parish has community at its heart. We will provide resources to ensure that community groups can function effectively.

Equality and Mutuality

Every action taken will be considerate of others involved and will ensure that communication is robust thus giving mutual benefit to all. All activities, actions, projects and work of any kind will hold equal status for everyone involved regardless of faith, colour, gender or creed.


All Saints Parish Council will endeavour to work collaboratively with all parties regarding the services, projects, activities and improvements across the whole of the Parish.

Ethicality and Respect

We will respect the views of others, be they internal within the council or through our constituents, third parties, visitors or other government establishments.

Commitment to Quality

We will remain committed to support our community and to deliver quality against our core Purpose and Objectives.

Environmental Awareness

Everything we do will be considerate of our environment and climate. We will utilise sustainable resources wherever possible to protect that which is precious to us all.

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